Edgy short hairstyles

How did edgy short hairstyles?

One of the first fashion for short haircuts was introduced by artists of the early twentieth century: Eva Lavalier and Irene Castle. Frenchwoman Lavalier, who was already over 40, was required to make changes in the image in order to continue playing the role of young heroines on stage. A short haircut was a universal way for her. And the dancer Castle had to cut her hair after the illness. In both cases, women made a splash and caused a lot of talks. So, edgy short hairstyles.

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Who will use edgy short hairstyles?

So, edgy short hairstyles makes our image young, adds an image of dynamism, refreshes. But are there any short haircuts for everyone?

And, edgy short hairstyles attracts attention to facial features, makes the eyes more noticeable, emphasizes the skin condition. As a rule, edgy short hairstyles are suitable for all girls, with any physique. The main thing is to choose the right image.

Pros of short edgy short hairstyles

Currently, not only short haircuts are popular but very short. This is due to certain advantages of such edgy short hairstyles:

simplicity of hair care
is young
You can hide some of the shortcomings
emphasizes facial features

Almost every girl, at least once in her life, thought about a short haircut and many even decide on such a step. A edgy short hairstyles is able to open the face, emphasize beautiful cheekbones, eyes and completely change our image. The main rule for short haircuts is naturalness and simplicity, combined with carelessness about coquetry.


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